5 Singers Spread Love at 5 Cinta Concert

JAKARTA – Singer Reza Artamevia successfully closed the 5 Cinta Concert at The Pallas, SCBD, South Jakarta on Thursday (3/5) night. The songs she performed were able to satisfied her fans.

However, not only Reza, but also other singers received a warm welcome. Because 5 Cinta Concert is a concert that presents 5 famous Indonesian musicians, namely Reza Artamevia, Rio Febrian, Yura Yunita, Andre Hehanussa, and Rieka Roslan. They tell the story of love that is passed in the chant of popular songs.

“I am very proud to be able to perform this evening an extraordinary appreciation from all my friends for my works that make the night proud and happy. Hopefully you can enjoy the performances tonight,” said Reza Artamevia from the stage who was greeted with boisterous cheers and applause from the audience.

Previously, Yura Yunita presented an entertaining performance with a distinctive sound character and a row of her hit songs, even this stunning performance gave her a hug from senior singer Andre Hehanusa.

The two singers had indeed collaborated, bringing a romantic atmosphere to the audience. Andre had a chance to tell about the meaning of love and was included in the song. Likewise with Yura. “Love is the important thing to be happy. Love needs honesty and sincerity,” Yura answered.

In total, five Indonesian soloists across this generation were able to entertain, including the stars who surprised the audience with electric dance music from DJ Sarab. Jakarta Deputy Governor Sandiaga Uno was pleased to watch the concert. “Jakarta is full of love and tonight I see a lot of love here,” Sandi said.

The concert held by promoter Kami Musik Indolima and Indonesia 5 was also attend by a number of artists, including Ussy Sulistiawaty, Nindy Ayunda, and Ruth Sahanaya with their daughter, Nadine Waworuntu.