Tamara Geraldine Launches Book Indo’5 Twenty Super Stories

WARTA KOTA, TANAH ABANG – Presenter Tamara Geraldine launched a book titled ‘Indo’5 Twenty Super Stories’.


In the book that presents 20 short stories, Tamara wants to invite readers to know the extent of the role of Ballerina (artist) with Benitez (event organizer).


Tamara said that the book was truly a story of her experience of more than 20 years working in the entertainment industry. He also wants to find out how important the role between artists and event organizers is.


That’s why Tamara collaborated with PT Indolima Perkasa as a representative of the event organizer. In addition, he also invited Jeffry Waworuntu from Ruth Sahanaya Productions to share his experiences in the book.


But Tamara didn’t want to make her book in a formal style as a company profile that would end up on a bookshelf. For that she made a different book by packaging it in the form of a collection of short stories.


“I want to find out who answers more important when it enters the commercial domain. So finally it was moved to write this in a short story,” she said during a book launch held at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, Central Jakarta, Friday (9/16).


In her book, Tamara assesses the relationship between the two professions will fall apart if one of them feels more than the other. “A relationship will interfere if one of them feels more important. Artists have a role but the event organizer also has no less importance,” she said.


Meanwhile the leader of PT Indolima Perkasa, Tito Kadaryanto, said that the book was also a means to share with the younger generation who wanted to enter the event organizer business.


We want to give to young friends, this is the knowledge, and here are the tips. So this can be said as our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for generations today and in the future, “he said.


A similar acknowledgment was also conveyed by Jeffry Waworuntu who assessed the event organizer industry as an interconnected ecosystem with one another. So that this becomes an important learning for all parties in the business.


“I see this is something that can be a momentum of sharing. This becomes a source for learning from the next generation because the event organizer industry is an ecosystem,” he said.


Tamara said in her book this time, not everything was based on personal experience. There are still other people’s experiences that are poured into the book. “I have 75 percent of the rest based on your story but not to hurt anyone,” she said.